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My full day rate is $1,600 and my half-day rate is $850. I base these rates on my experience in the industry (with 20+ years under my belt, I get a lot more done in a day than most artists), my track record of client satisfaction, and my use of the highest quality products including aftercare products and organic and vegan inks. Most importantly: I make rad tattoos!

Why does a half-day cost a bit more than half the cost of a day? This is actually a discount. I only work with one person per day. If you have a smaller tattoo or we only need a short session to wrap up an in-progress piece, your tattoo is still my sole focus for the day. But I give you my day for a lower cost.

Want to work with me but concerned about your budget? I offer By-Now-Pay-Later via Klarna. Details are below. 

I take cash, Venmo, Cash App, and Apple Pay. I also offer Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) via Klarna if you’re looking for flexible payment arrangements. Options include paying in 4 equal payments every other week, interest-free, or in monthly payment plans ranging from 6 to 24 months. 

I include high-quality aftercare packs for all clients. They have everything you need to heal your new tattoo. You won’t find a lot of people who give all this. You’ll have aftercare instruction sheets, medical-grade bandages, and an ointment pack. The bandages are key. They save your clothes, save your sheets, you don’t have to worry about your dog or cat licking your healing tattoo… All the headaches that come with traditional aftercare products are not a factor. And it’ll heal amazingly!

Your tattoo will be bandaged twice, starting at the shop. I give you a verbal rundown on care and assure you not to hesitate to reach out with any and all concerns. And, you can come by if you want to get the first bandaged changed out. Some clients prefer this if it’s in a hard-to-reach spot or they simply aren’t comfortable with the application.

The products and supplies I use are cruelty-free and vegan, when at all possible. All my inks are organic and cruelty-free. My tattoo needles are a high-end and more costly brand. They work flawlessly and make it easier to create a perfect tattoo. Aftercare is very important to me. The care packs I provide are costly to make but well worth it. They give clients everything needed for a great outcome and experience from the end of the session to a healed tattoo.

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It’s pretty subjective. Depends on who gets it and where. My suggestion: don’t worry, if it hurt that bad, I would not have all these tattoos! I’m a bit of a softie, myself. And, clients tell me I have a light hand. I’m very mindful of clients’ pain. And keep an eye on their expression and breathing to make sure they’re doing well.

Plus, I provide numbing spray to ease the discomfort.

Think of it this way: it’s not going to hurt once it’s done! It will be worth the pain when you have that awesome tattoo you’ve been wanting.

An artist from my shop, Darren, and I co-starred in the Military edition of the Marked TV series. In it, we learn about and tattoo the stories of veterans and active duty military, competing with each other in each episode to see whose tattoo design gets picked by the service member for putting on their skin for life. You can learn about the show in this YouTube video.

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